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The Spa by Sadeghi – Medical Spa

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The Spa by Sadeghi - Medical Spa


2551 Metairie Road, Suite 100-A
Metairie Louisiana 70001
United States


(504) 688-3539

Our double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali Sadeghi and his highly trained medical staff offer a variety of specialized consultations. We are passionate about this field and will share as much information as possible to make your skin glow long after your visit.


About Metairie

Metairie ( MET-ər-ee) is a census-designated place (CDP) in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, United States, and is part of the New Orleans metropolitan area. With a population of 143,507 in 2020, Metairie is the largest community in Jefferson Parish and was (as of 2010) the fifth-largest CDP in the United States. It is an unincorporated area that (as of 2020) would have been Louisiana's fourth-largest city behind Shreveport (over 180,000 population) had it been incorporated. == Etymology == Métairie (French: [metɛʁi]) is the French term for a small tenant farm which paid the landlord with a share of the produce, a practice also known as sharecropping (in French, métayage). In the 1760s many of the original French farmers were tenants; after the Civil War, the majority of the community's inhabitants were sharecroppers until urbanization started in the 1910s.



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