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Alluros Custom Cabinets in Peoria

Bespoke, Handmade, Custom, Quality Custom Cabinets


Revitalize your home and kitchen with exquisite hand-crafted custom Alluros Custom Cabinets is a leading company in Peoria for custom cabinet design, construction and onsite Our portfolio comprises a wide range of custom cabinet designs, ranging from 85301 to 85383, which optimizes their storage space, reducing clutter and turning their home into elegant Our work ranges from made-to-order cabinets for your kitchen and bookcases, to media centers shelves, and Our loyal customers have dreams of a luxurious home restoration, and the staff at Alluros Custom Cabinets strive to transform their visions into a

Cabinets are affixed with high-profiles and are positioned on the site in a line Therefore, it is essential that they look great Remodeling your home is a an expensive investment. It is essential to select the appropriate kind We provide spacious, elegant cabinets in Peoria that can be adapted to meet your specific needs All of our cabinets are made in-house using the finest woods, These small details make way to an elegant modern, contemporary and polished look

Reach out today and we’ll begin designing custom cabinets to match your vision Let us know what you want to achieve with your cabinets, and we’ll guide you through the
Custom Media Centers
Alluros Custom Cabinets is a specialist in custom cabinets. However, we also create other furniture bespoke to your specifications such as custom media centers or customized To enhance your living space by making it more peaceful and clutter-free Custom entertainment centers can hide wiring, remote controls, and Imagine being able to store all the different equipment you have, and there’s an elegant piece of custom furniture, which elevates the overall quality of life in your living space

The majority of mass-produced media centers are made from particle board and do not provide storage spaces specifically for Your custom media center is constructed out of the finest woods, such as the ash or birch. It will last longer and looks We can build compartments and wiring access holes in cabinets to hide cables that are too large for your living space

Cabinet Hard Woods of Superior
There are a myriad of cabinet woods to choose from, and this will alter the appearance and the characteristics of your There’s a wide array of choice for cabinet woods, and in this article we will discuss some common types

Alder wood usually has a light brown color and the grain marks are typically lighter in red with less Alder wood requires more care because it requires specific finishing techniques and isn’t as hardy as a maple cabinet, for instance but it is a must for those who want rustic appeal

Maple cabinets are adaptable and can withstand a variety of stains The exterior of maple is uniform, with subtle grain marks

Birch wood is a great selection if you want to get a specific color for your cabinets, since it is ideal to paint or for a variety of types Birchwood is available in various shades, but the differences aren’t as apparent as hickory

Oak kitchen cabinets are extremely strong, are generally less expensive than maple or oak, and is one of the most popular choices for customers It is a beautiful grain pattern that are adored by many homeowners. The wood is not soaked by water since it flows right off

Hickory wood offers a significant contrast in colors between the heartwood and the sapwood, and this is great for design aspects It has a creamy pale-yellow appearance and can It is known for having extreme variations in its grain patterns and is sought-after for its natural rustic look

Cherry wood is a wild black cherry that has been extensively used in styles like Cherry wood cabinets are red in color and can also run the entire spectrum from white to brown Cherry woods feature a smooth surface, and lots of variety in their marking Cherry woods look beautiful and are easy to finish with a gorgeous reddish-brown color and smooth

This is only the beginning of the world of wood cabinets. Give us a call at Alluros Custom Cabinets today to help you choose the right fit for your cabinets

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Alluros Custom Cabinets in Peoria


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